We all know tea could help us in a number of ways, from head to skin, now we even for out that it curse boils.

The cases of boils may not be very alarming, but it does however, bring excruciating pain. People with boils understand how it is like to have that red, pus-filled bump, and how difficult it is to deal with. Although a small boil can just burst on its own overtime, still, there oftentimes comes a need for assistance.

Fortunately, there is a painless and safe way to cure boils with tea.

Here’s how to do it.

Boil a cup of water. Add your tea. It could be either in tea bag or loose leaf. If you are using loose leaf, wrap it up with a paper tea filter or any alternative.

Let your tea cool down to lukewarm temperature.

Cover your boil with the tea wrap/tea bag overnight. Make sure it is secured in place.

Check it in the morning, you may find your boil already drained. You may repeat this procedure with tea if desired, especially for severe cases.