Actress Ntando Duma, thought posting a video on her daughters social media page, would be cute for followers to see.

The 2-year-old sitting in the back of a car talking to mommy Ntando,is what the video shows, some followers enjoyed the cutie pie, while others were quick to call Ntando out for not having her daughter in a car seat.

Mommy Ntando didn’t appreciate the negative things people were saying,she told people that the car wasn’t even moving when the video was taken and also told people not to lecture her on how to be a parent.

1. The car was stationary. 2. She’s got car seats and is always on it, when necessary. 3. I’m not an irresponsible mother. You should know this by now. 4. Now let’s all drink water. 5. Thank you for your concern.

Ntando shared the video on Sbahle’s Instagram page, which is private.