South Africa’s unemployment rate increased to 27.6%  in the first quarter of 2019, Stats SA announced on Tuesday morning. 

The jobless rate at the end of the fourth quarter of 2018 was 27.1%, meaning the rate has increased by half a percentage point.

Dj Fresh took to social media, here are what followers had to say.

His tweet: [RESULTS] #FreshBreakfast #Survey: 6.2 million South Africans will do this today . What is it ?


SA Unemployment rate rises to 27.6%, nears 15-year high!!

Here is what follower’s had to say:

While some says they are struggling to find and keep jobs others are just happy they have jobs.

One follower even stated,’I lost my job last year in June. Was living off UIF and the pension pay out, which could only carry me for so long. I’m now a certified life coach which I don’t think I would’ve done still employed. I’m grateful to finally be living my purpose, changing lives’