Once all learners, teachers and other school staff resume with classes later this month a very different academic programme awaits pupils and teachers.

The basic education department has made public what the revised academic year will look like.

There will be another break in October to separate the third and fourth terms, from the 26th to the 30th of that month.

The department’s Elijah Mhlanga said the academic year won’t be rolled over into 2021.

“Some activities will continue into the new year, but 15 December should be the target for completion of all work for grades R to 11.

Mhlanga added Grade 12s must’ve wrapped up their year-end exams by mid-December.

“Immediately thereafter, marking will commence into the new year. The announcement of the results is set for the 22nd or 23rd of February. So that is some of the work that we are talking about that will have to roll over into the new year.”

See below the academic year calendar 2020.