South African total number of COVID-19 cases are at 287 796 as of Monday 13 July 2020. With predications of singular screenings having to remain in place for at least the next 12 to 18 months, businesses are needing to adopt and implement efficient, fast and accurate record-keeping systems that are complaint to legislation while being sustainable for long-term use.

Manual data-recording is labour-intensive, time consuming and administratively burdensome while also increasing the risk of close contact through shared handling of paper and writing tools.

SafeCol Light is an IoT solution that aims to service these needs, and afford businesses the upper hand in attending to their daily screenings processes efficiently and effectively. The app aims to transfigure the way businesses are able to capture, store and analyse important data during the screening process on every individual, employee and visitor to a business on a daily basis. A total of seven regulations drive Employers to take specific precautionary measures to monitor and mitigate any and all risk. It was built to reform the health and safety industry, transferring all paper-heavy checks into a safe and secure cloud-hosted system that is easily accessible and fast to use. In previous months, the developers of SafeCol were able to accurately predict the sudden need for tools that enable data capturing in the face of a looming uncertain future.

Altalien Greyling, Managing Director of SafeCol explained, “The app was mechanically developed as a subsidiary offering to our initial app-based solution to aid risk mitigation strategies around daily screening of employees and all visitors to their premises in the midst of resuming the economy. It is able to offer a user friendly dashboard for management and administration, which also offers per site, per department and per staff category reporting that highlights hotspots and risk areas. The easy-navigational panel allows for quick and accurate data-capturing which can be downloaded directly off the app or sent to an appointed Risk Manager via email.”

The apps specific functionality is targeted to small and medium enterprises needing to capture large amounts of data in a way that did not hinder, slow-down or further jeopardise their business. SafeCol Light is a subsidiary feature to the initial SafeCol app and can be used and downloaded completely independently to its big sister.

The health screening process is vitally important in the current environment, with these screenings affording governmental departments to manage the outbreak effectively as well as monitor its progression. “This app offers businesses the opportunity to grasp an upper hand on the additional responsibility and admin that has been requested of them, allowing for easy business activity and peace of mind in the workplace” added Greyling.

The POPIA effective 1 July 2020 safeguards personal information of people. SafeCol Light is both POPIA and GDPR Compliant. The developers have taken safety and security of data very seriously to ensure and adhere to government regulation.

Additional information:

This app allows you to:

Conduct mandatory health screenings digitally for employees or visitors; which are compliant with all Government protocols
Store your daily data in a safe and secure place;
Remove the paper heavy tasks of filling out questionnaires;
Access full screening reporting and data for your business at the tap of a button, from anywhere via your phone / tablet, etc.;
Stop the spread of germs through pen and paper sharing and less time spent sanitising instruments.
For just R300-00 per month*, your business benefits from:

Easy, user-friendly, digital screening checklists, ensuring all Government mandated protocols are met, for up to 100 employees* and an unlimited number of visitors.

Seamlessly data capturing that is fast, easy and secure;

Simplified reporting that is available for download as a PDF;

Unlimited access to all the features on the app;

No training – you can get started immediately.