South Africa, now in its second stage of COVID-19 lockdown.

With most of Mzanzi working from home and schools still closed with no set date for reopening, it’s time to understand how this will affect your car battery negatively.

With strict regulations on movement, your car will likely be parked for a number of days at a time. This prevents the battery from being charged while driving, and, depending on the age of the battery, may leave you with a flat battery.

Here how to prevent this, with a simple guide to caring for your battery during lockdown. These tips also give you something to do while you’re stuck at home.

4 Tips to keep your car battery healthy during the COVID-19 lockdown

1. Switch off all electronics
Firstly and most importantly, switch off all electronics on your car, such as the radio, interior, and exterior lights prevents the battery from draining unnecessarily.

2. Start your car at least once a week for 15 minutes
This will ensure the battery and starter are cranked often to prevent battery drain.

3. make sure to close the doors, bonnet and boot properly
This prevents the onboard safety notifications from unnecessary draining of the battery.

4. If the battery is flat, jump-start the car as per the manufacturer’s instruction
In the unfortunate situation that your car battery has gone flat, check the manufacturer’s manual on how to jumpstart your car. This prevents damaging any of the electronics. Once the car is switched on, let it run for 15 – 30 minutes or go for a short drive to the supermarket.

Battery warning signs you need to know

When doing a grocery run, look out for these signs that may indicate a weakening battery.

  • Your car is experiencing interrupted starts or starts very slowly.
  • The battery indicator on your dash turns on even after the engine has been running for some time.
  • Your battery loses power quickly in cold or extended starts.
  • Your headlights are dim at idle but get brighter when you rev.

Under normal circumstances, any of these signs should prompt you to get in touch with the battery specialists to see what type of battery is best suited for your car.

Keeping you moving forward

Whether it’s a grocery run during the lockdown or the first day of school after the lockdown or just switching on your car to let it idle, will keep the battery from being drained.