When it comes to skincare most of us do what we think feels right for our skin. Here, the experts share the rules they’ve learned and recommended throughout their careers.

Dont use soap or face wipes on your skin.

The natural ph of skin is 5.5. Most face wipes and soap have a higher ph and face wipes on particular have a lot of preservatives and alcohol to increase their shelf life which can damage and dry out skin. Cotton pads and stick to neutral or ph balanced cleansers. Cream cleansers are good for moisturising.

Don’t towel dry your shin

If you have a very dry and ashy skin, don’t dry it completely before moisturizing. Creams seal in hydration and work best with a little water.

Vitamin C

Start you day with a good vitamin c cream. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and will essentially help prevent your skin from oxidising and decaying.

Use sun block.

Rain or sunshine, always use sunblock. The higher SPF the better. UVA and UVB rays both are bad for your skin. Ultraviolet B-rays is light from the sun that has a fairly short wavelength and causes premature ageing wrinkles and even sagging.

Night cream

Use night cream containing Vitamin A. It essentially helps get rid of dead skin cells, it works kind of like a mild skin peel. It also helps the skin to look radiant, as well as keeping fine lines at bay. When using vitamin A it is even more important to use sun block( SPF ) to protect the newer delicate skin cells from harsh UV rays. It is definitely NOT recommended to use vitamin A through the day, so only use at night time.

Take your time when applying products

Whether its a face mask,face wash or cream, let each product absorb for two or three minutes so that your skin can really get the most out of the vitamins and goodness of the product.