Treating dry skin in summer is not that hard.

To care for your skin properly, it’s important to know what’s causing dry skin. Our skin has its own natural oils. But if we don’t keep our skin moisturize, our skin is prone to cracking, itching and flaking.

Treating dry summer skin starts with knowing how to retain the oils on your skin. Check this tips for a healthier glowing skin

Hot showers are a no- no

A hot shower might feel like heaven, but it can wreak havoc on your skin. Long steamy showers tend to dry out skin by washing off the skin’s natural oils. If you have normal to dry skin, try cooler, shorter showers to amp up skin’s natural oil attributes.

Use the right body wash.

Most heavily scented soaps might be harsh. It might strip away some of your natural skin’s oils, and scrubbing doesn’t help either when it come to dry sking. The more we scrub, the more damage we might be doing. Try trading in a loofah brush for a softer cloth.

Use a soft towel

Make sure your towels are soft and extra absorbent, but rubbing and drying and drying adds to your skin being very cracky and itchy. When you dry your hands after washing them or towel off after a shower, use a gentle touch. Lightly pat your skin dry. Leave skin slightly damp, and when you apply moisturizer, you will help seal in the extra moisture left on your skin.

The right moisturizer is the keep

Give your skin that extre glow. Hydrated skin can be yours by using the right sunscreen, and the right moisturizer for your specific skin type. Use this tips and a light touch to help skin look and feel its best.