So we all know that DJ Tira is one of the biggest stars in the music industry, so his talents will obviously come with a price. But a price that should afforable right?

The Mzansi star took to Twitter yesterday and shared an update about his work. He wrote: “Malume at work! I’m pleased to announce with the Rand and economy of the country not doing well, my verses and my hooks will remain at R70k and R100k respectively. No increase. I hope talent that wish to work with Malume will appreciate this news. Happy Sunday.” After the budget speech announced that the cost of living will increase in most avenues last week, DJ Tira promised to keep his price tag the same. He said the bad state of the ecomony motivated him to freeze his prices.

Is this for real, or perhaps DJ Tira was just pulling our leg? But if that is his going rate, then maybe we all made the wrong career choice.