Malaika was a huge 2000s pop band that had a massive following, but they split up after many disputes between band members. However, fans will be happy to know that the band have decided to reunite one more time.

Malaika was one of the dominant Afro-Pop bands that had a huge fan base in the 2000s. But sadly for fans, the group members had many disputes and eventually, the band split up. Loyal fans kept wishing for the band to get back together, but that seemed like it was never going to happen.

Until now.

Fans are rejoicing at the news that the band is reuniting for the Remember The Time concert in Pretoria on the 8th of May.

According to a report by The Sowetan, the concert will be a rebirth in a way. It’s a new year and we are just looking forward to touching base yet again. This is a rebirth in a way, We have grown up so much. Yes, sometimes you fight, then you reconnect, forgive one another and continue with the legacy. We have decided to let bygones be bygones. This is business and we have grown up. Let’s give the people what they want. So many things were said, but it’s OK, we are back.

Bongani Nchang and Tshedi Mholo have been doing their own thing, we gathered they feel it will be awesome to be on stage together again.