Question? ‘What would you do if you became a millionaire?’We’ve all thought about this before. Who wouldn’t want some extra moolah, especially in light of the impact of the global pandemic on the income of South African households. And for one lucky winner, becoming a multi-millionaire became a reality overnight.

In July 2020, on a single R10 lotto bet placed on the UK 49’s Double Draw Lottery, an avid BetXchange player got all 4 numbers and a bonus ball right and was suddenly R4.6 million richer.

Winnings like this are sure to change anyone’s life whether it is through purchasing a house, paying off debts, funding education or helping families achieve more than they ever thought was possible.

“Another aspect of winning a lottery is that even the smaller amounts when spent wisely can be transformative,” says Warren Ho director at BetXchange. “Many of BetXchange’s customers have used their winnings to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

One customer, who won in the range of R500 000, used his winnings as seed money to start a small gym in Gauteng, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating employment for local fitness guru’s.” says xx. Another winner used his money to finally buy the Range Rover he had always wanted and continues to place small bets for fun. However, many of the customers who win millions tend to continue to play online to protect their anonymity.

Safeguarding the happiness of their winners is of the utmost priority for BetXchange and as a result, they do not do any public handovers of winnings. Winner’s details are highly classified to ensure their anonymity and allow them to continue with their daily lives, without the threat of being harassed.

Instead, a private meeting with winning customers is set up to clearly explain how winners should collect their winnings. They diligently offer educational assistance to big winners to guarantee that this life-changing event has the positive impact intended.

How do you know if you won?

Part of BetXchange’s offering is that all customers can follow results from live draws and all branch teams have access to full results lists which customers can request at any time.

In every winner’s case, their ticket is vetted and sent to head office for approval, then the customer is informed by the branch manager and able to immediately collect their life-changing payout from the branch nearest them. The winnings can be issued into the winners betting account or into their personal banking account, allowing them to have absolute freedom over how they spend their winnings.

BetXchange believes that everyone should have the chance to dream and bet big! As with all gambling the greater the odds, the greater the payout.

However, by starting the bidding as low as R3 BetXchange ensures that the opportunity is always there for anyone to become a millionaire. For anyone who plays the local or international lotto, the daily winnings can be as sky-high as R11 million.

Although it is the case that this lotto winner was extremely lucky to guess all 4 numbers and the bonus ball correctly, the opportunity is also there to win smaller amounts of money by guessing one or two numbers. With it being that easy to give it a go the only question left is “What would you do if you were a millionaire?”.