Every year starts with a bang and 2019 has been no different. If you’re normally up-to-date with all things trending but feel like you lost a few weeks holidaying, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the top 5 lifestyle trends everyone should be aware of in 2019…

1. light-hearted

This trend is all about looking on the brighter side of life. In today’s complicated, confusing -times and confounding world, we need some cheering up once in a while.

The powers at we have caught on and are offering loads of ways for you to lighten up. Think quirky décor items like flamingo lamps and linen embroidered with ‘five more minutes’ on the pillow. Then there are the feel-good TV shows about to hit screens, like SA’s The Bachelor, and M-Net’s The Kids Are Alright, plus another season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Follow those quirky Instagram accounts and pet-centric YouTube channels, guilt-free!

2. Stretching your money

We’re tightening the purse strings and trying to get more bang for our bucks – to use two clichés in a row. Say what you will, this trend is influencing almost every area of life.

At-home exercise routines are all the rage – no pricey gym contracts needed – so look out for rebounders and Pilates DVDs. Then, there are the multi-tasking beauty products like foundations with skin-firming properties and palettes that act as blushers, bronzers and primers. In the kitchen, the root-to-leaf trend is growing, so you’ll be using every inch of whatever ingredients you’re cooking with – carrot tops make a great green pesto. And cheaper cuts of meat can be tenderised and crumbed into a delicious Katsu dish. Save is a 2019 slogan.

3. Adding some colour

The easiest way to brighten anything from your wardrobe to your home, Green is a strong shade for autumn, but then so is red.

Raspberry is the go-to colour for colour-blocked walls at home and you can liven up a dull wardrobe with spring dresses in shades of bright marigold. If you own anything coral-coloured, from coffee mugs to carpets or lipsticks, now is the time to show them off. It’s going to be bright and bold.

4. Natural

Everything is going back to basics, diets and organic make-up,linen and even hemp garments on the runway, If you’re not using organic beauty products from brands like Esse, Dr Hauschka or Lula Fox, you may well be going totally make-up free.

If these trends seem a bit far-out, incorporate earthy tones into your life with things like cotton clothing or natural soft-finishes in your home.

5. Online all the time

We’re already streaming most of what we watch, with services like Showmax , Netflix and DStv Now, and online shopping has just about become normal.

This year, look out for more food delivery services, whether you want a mid-week takeaway or full grocery cart delivered to your door Your cell phone will become more of an extension of your lifestlye so be sure to manage your screen-time.