We all have our up and down days, being in a bad mood is a normal feeling, you just need to know how to control it or better get yourself out of feeling this way before your bad mood gets you in trouble.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Here are just a few suggestions on how to get yourself feeling better if your in a bad mood.

Get some outside time

Breathe in some fresh air. Getting outside time is perfect to connect with nature. It’s a proven fact that people feels happier outside, being outside in also reduces stress.


Get your blood flowing, excising is a great way to get ride of a bad mood, taking a run on the beach or even just a long walk will help.

Get some sleep

Give yourself time to rest this will allow your body to relax and will leave you feeling happier when you wake up, even if you have a bad dream, you’ll be in a better placed to deal with it.

Free yourself from all thing digital

Social media can be pain in the ass if you’re predisposed to morning funks. It releases dopamine, a natural drug connected to motivation and reward.  Put away your phone and stay away from your laptop even just for a day, get creative and draw, get yourself a adult coloring book, there are load of things you can get creative with just give yourself a break from all digital items even your tv.

Treat yourself

Give yourself a reward, doing this in the morning opens up the path to be happier the rest of the day, get some cake or even give yourself a spa treatment. Don’t forget about your evening, get yourself a nice piece of chocolate or even gummie bear sweets.

Laugh some more

Really, does anything feel better than having a giggle? watching some funny YouTube videos, some of your favorite comedians shows or read a funny book which ever you prefer to get yourself laughing more.