Family movies are a lot of fun and something to really look forward to simply because it brings your loved ones together for some quality time. Aside from the hard part of actually getting everyone in the family together, the real issue that comes about is actually choosing the right movie. There is something to be said about watching a movie so bad it’s entertaining, but family movie night isn’t about subtle nuances in film critiques. You need to pick a movie everyone will actually like or else.

Kids these days seem to be so cool and have themselves put together much more than their parents did at the same age. They digest everything around them critically, culling from their music and other media lessons about life. With such cultured children in your midst, how in the world will you pick a movie that actually throws them for a loop? Easy — look back at the family movies of your own youth.

You can already hear the same groans that come about when it’s your turn to queue up some music in the car when riding to school. Then again, the movies of your youth made you who you were, and you seem to have made it out just fine.

Here’s a look back at some family movies from the ‘70s even your kids will actually love:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

No one should go without watching this cinematic masterpiece. It’s hard to put together a synopsis for the film without just spoiling it all. It’s a must-see in the truest sense.

The Muppet Movie

 Did you ever wonder how these kooky characters met & became The Muppets? This film is a lively musical comedy that helps fill in the gaps. Turns out what you thought you knew about The Muppets is nearly nothing at all.


“You’ll believe a man can fly.” Whereas the comics & previous TV offerings of the Man of Steel were a little antiquated, this movie brought Superman right to the big city during rougher times. You could say that it was the superhero movie everyone needed because he was the superhero everyone wanted. Classic.

Charlotte’s Web 

Sometimes there are hard lessons to be learned in movies. While today’s family movies sometimes gloss over more poignant matters, this movie packs a serious wallop that will make everyone reach for the tissues.

The Cat From Outer Space 

So, there’s this cat that journeys to Earth from another galaxy. It befriends a particular human, and, well, it’s one of the most unique movies on this list. The cast consists of some serious cinematic heavyweights & the humor is cute and campy. All in all, this is one movie everyone will never forget.

Family movies, regardless of their age, are timeless for a reason. They encompass something special that keeps them relevant through the years. Older movies tend to have an innocent charm and reliance on great performances to bring home a message that CGI & computer animation just can’t match. So, the next time your family gets together for family movie night, take a step back & check out a family movie that’s got some experience under its belt. You just might find a real winner.