On Saturday the Department of Basic Education released the new dates for remainder of the 2020 academic year. The academic year was INTERRUPTED twice this year as a result of Covid-19.

After schools reopen on August 24, there will be 163 school days for teachers and 156 for learners.

The third term will officially restart on August 24 and will end on October 23

The fourth term will begin on November 2 and will end on December 15.

According to the department, the teaching, learning and assessment for the 2020 academic year must be concluded by December 15 for Grade R to 11.

The Grade 12 examinations must also be concluded by December 15 and the marking by January 22, with results released February 23.

The new school year will begin on January 25 for teachers and learners a few days later.

The department said they consulted with all the relevant stakeholders in the making up of the revised calendar.