Claudia van Schalkwyk, owner and Founder of the Urban Beauty Academy in Kuilsriver created the UBA 90 day wellness challenge.

This comes after they found out that their sister Leony Sonja De Wee was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. This came as a shock to the family because she did not show any signs of being sick.

Claudia strongly believed that there was something that she could do to help and so she started doing in-depth research on the disease, trying to understand it and trying to find ways to fight it.

In doing so, she came across numerous studies on nutrition and and the importance of healthy living. Claudia took on the battle with her sister until the day she had to lay her sister to rest.

With the passing of Claudia’s sister, the UBA 90 day wellness challenge was born. Claudia realised how important it is to eat and live healthy and in honour of her sister she started a programme that would lead people on a journey to live better and healthier.

The UBA 90 day wellness challenge offers a community and an opportunity to transform lives through healing of the mind, body and soul. Together with their partners which includes fitness coaches, life coaches, detoxification and holistic specialists and sponsors they help contestants discover a healthier and more transformed human being.

Season 6 is in full swing and contestants will celebrate their transformations at the big reveal. The big reveal is an event hosted by Claudia and her sister Bridgette to show off the progress of the participating contestants. The person who lost the most weight is also awarded with prizes.

All are welcome to the big reveal taking place on Sunday 24 May. Further details on the event and tickets will be made available at a later date.

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