“If I could do it for the whole country, I would,”– Abduragmaan Mohamed is helping the elderly in his community by providing them with hygiene packs.

Today in Cape Town, South Africa Shop owner Abduragmaan Mohamed has left the elderly in his community in tears! During all the chaos, many seem to forget that the most vulnerable are the elderly. They do not have the means to stockpile foods or spend money on hygiene items that have inflated in price.

With the shelves bare of any hand sanitizer and hundreds of suppliers taking advantage of the mask shortages, the elderly have been left to fend for themselves. However, Abduragmaan is not one of those people.

Instead, he put aside stock and made up hygiene packs that include hand sanitizer, a mask, soap, and liquid disinfectant. He is giving the packs to anyone over the age of 65, for free.

Abduragmaan invited the elderly to bring their pension cards in order to claim a pack. The frail can send a family representative with their card. He felt he needed to do his part, especially for the elderly knowing how vulnerable they are to the coronavirus.