School holidays can be a frustrating time for some stay at home parents, particularly those with small children under three years old and teenager.

The winter school holidays are in full swing right now, while many stay at home parents surveyed feeling positive about school holidays, those with children under three years old and teenagers, may be feeling overwhelmed, frustration or worried about what do to with the children during school holidays.

This can become obviously stressful as parents has their own routine at home, and with the kids all at home everything needs to change so you can keep them entertained.

Here are a few suggestions for stay at home parents to survive the school holidays :

1.Think Ahead. School holidays have a habit of sneaking up on you, and if you’re not prepared they can become a real headache.

2.Being Bored isn’t a bad thing .It can boost creativity, Parents shouldn’t fall into the trap of feeling guilty about their kids’ lack of entertainment. A couple of days of being bored is scientifically good for them.

3.Plan Together. Take the time and plan to do something together, go take your kids to the cinema or just for a walk even to the park. Get them to deiced what they would like to do.

4.Know Your Budget. Before planning to take you kids out, make sure your’e doing things within your budget. So give them activity options to choice from, this way you have all the financial control. Remember there are some great places to visit which won’t cost a cent.

5.Teach them a skill .yes, these could very well be chores, but kids will benefit from learning useful things that will help them in life later. Teaching them to cook, do repairs around the house and even some gardening will keep them busy and help you out.

6.Make the most out of weekends. If you are a working parents and cannot take too much annual leave, rather opt for a long-weekend and make the most of it. Try to accommodate your kids with the activities they are really keen on, even if that means getting a take-away treat, binge watching a series you don’t understand, or playing video games. Use the time to really connect with your kids.

7.Give back and pay it forward. Getting your kids to do some volunteer work or helping out with a charitable cause is a good way to teach them to give back and make a difference to someone’s life. It will teach them compassion, empathy and understanding.

Parents needs to cut themselves some slack, and remember, they are not alone. Speak to other parents who find themselves in the same boat as you during school holidays. That way you can work together to plan play-dates, help with social activities.