There are many weight loss products that offer that fast weight loss results, however, are these really guaranteed?

FORTY percent of South African women are obese and this country has the highest overweight and obesity rate in sub-Saharan Africa.
But sadly, it is no longer just an adult problem with one in four girls and one in five boys between the ages of two 14 being overweight or obese.

When choosing a weight loss product or program, collect as much information as possible.

Samples of weight loss products in the market :

·Diet Patch – this was already removed since 1990’s by FDA since they were proven ineffective.

·Magnetic Diet Pills – allegedly flushes out fat, but not.

·Guar Gum – causes internal obstruction.

·Electrical Muscle Stimulators – no proven effect.

·Eyeglasses that Suppress Appetite – These claims that the projected image on the retina decreases appetite. No proven fact.

There are also examples of weight loss products:

Diet drinks that are mixed with beverages or food are used as meal substitutes. A downside of this is that once a person stopped taking the drinks, they would eventually regain the lost weight after a short period of time due to feeling of emptiness in the stomach. Another is diet supplements and medicines that also don’t work long-term.

Over-the-counter pills that compose of phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride may raise blood pressure and palpitation.

Herbalife Nutritional Program – good as two meals, dieters may rely on shakes and follow artificial dieting methods and just don’t want food to work into their lives.

Nestlé’s Sweet Success – recommended to take three times a day and it does not promote healthy eating habits. Weight loss is difficult to maintain once intake is stopped.

Ultra Slim Fast – this plan requires regular exercise but does not teach good eating habits.

Diet pills with Ephedra and PPA – many of these have enclosed diet plans. Slimming can come from the diet plan and not the pill intake and there are risks of adverse side effects.

Chitosan products – contains fibers which were taken from shellfish that may cause diarrhea, bloatedness, and gas. This will only work if a low fat diet is practiced.

Algae Tablets – Spirulina contains significant nutrients that can be an acceptable food when used as part of a varied diet but are very expensive.

Even if you plan on using over-the-counter weight supplements or even participate in a weight loss activity, the verdict is that you still have to eat fewer calories than you burn to lose weight.