The structure of Islam comprises on five components including:

What Is Hajj?

• Faith • Prayer (namaz) • Fasting • Pilgrimage (Hajj) • Zakat

Each one of these is performed under certain conditions and requires proper learning. Hajj is done at the end of each Islamic year during the month of Zil hajj. Thousands of Muslim pilgrimages travel to Makkah during this holy month to perform Hajj.

The bookings and submission for hajj visa application forms begin three or four months before Zil hajj. There are several hajj packages ranging from lowest to highest prices.

High priced packages include accommodation in five star hotels and additional facilities. However, hajj is not about seeking comfort; it’s the opposite and requires continuous effort. That’s one reason why it has such an elevated rank in the structure of Islam. It’s said that upon successful completion of Hajj, Allah absolves you from all the sins committed in past life.

It will help greatly if you attend the training camps arranged for the pilgrimages.

They’re taught and guided about each aspect related to Hajj. These camps provide necessary information and tips which may save you from trouble later. It’s essential to learn the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia so as to avoid any mishaps. For more information check these hajj packages 2014.

Significance of Hajj

Hajj is the biggest assembly of Muslims from around the world in the Holy city of Makkah. Allah established the ritual of Hajj through Hazrat Ibrahim (A.s). Many people linger to visit Holy Makkah and perform Hajj but it’s rightly said that Allah calls whoever He wishes. Man is obligated to answer this call as only lucky ones get this amazing opportunity. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to get free from all your previous mistake and sins. Hajj is a new start as it’s narrated in hadith that:

Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) said: “Whoever performs the Hajj without engaging in any kind of obscenity or wickedness, will return (as sinless/pure) as the day his mother gave birth to him.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Prophet (S.a.w) emphasized upon the importance of patience in life. The rituals of Hajj itself require a huge stamina and tolerance. It’s not an easy task to bear the difficulties during Hajj but they’re worth it because upon completion all lifelong of sins are vanished. Hajj actually resets your history and provides a new chance to start over. Allah admires worshipping him but more than that He loves kindness toward His people. Therefore, endurance is the most essential part of Hajj. To begin your journey of Hajj you must first find a Hajj/Umrah consultant. He will provide you with details of low cost hajj packages as well as 5 star hajj packages. Select the package according to your budget and set on this Holy journey.

Purposes and Importance of Hajj

It’s not easy to describe the purposes of Hajj. The most important reason why Muslims go for Hajj is because it’s the fifth and final pillar of Islam. Some other purposes include

• The unstitched white color of Ihram represents purification and simplicity. It also reminds of death when Muslims will be buried in this unstitched white clothe. Hajj clarifies the soul and set it free of all crimes committed in past.

• When Muslims enter the Ihram, they submit to Allah’s commands. They recite words ‘Labaik Allahuma Labaik’ which means ‘I’m here (My Lord)’ to bow before you and unite with other Muslims in this noble act.

• Hajj also symbolizes thankfulness to Allah. Muslim pilgrims wear white clothes and strive in the way of Allah. This represents admitting that you remember Allah for blessing you with the chance to get absolved of all previous sins

. • Allah likes when His people worship Him in unity. That’s why he emphasized on Prayer with ‘Jama’at’. Hajj is the biggest accumulation of Muslims worshipping Him in one place.

• Hajj doesn’t only teach patience but also helps in gaining control over your worldly desires.

• The purification process of your soul is abundant with hardships. Any true Muslim would try to commit as less sins as possible so that his/her purity sustains even after Hajj.

There are hajj agents all around the world that offer numerous hajj packages. Most pilgrims consult them for documentation and visa applications. There are high and low cost hajj packages being offered by these agents. They make the whole process and paperwork very feasible. To dos for performing Hajj

Performing Hajj is a blessing and each pilgrim should make best efforts to get maximum satisfaction.

Concentration is important:

Hajj is a wonderful opportunity to attain bliss. Therefore, give your maximum attention towards performing the rituals. Try not to waste time on your mobile phones and other useless activities.

Maximum worship:

Perform maximum prayers (both fard and nafals) during Hajj. Ensure that you take time out for Tahajjud prayer on daily basis.

Refrain from sins:

People don’t care for other Muslims while performing Hajj. They push other people to reach the sacred places and in the end so many people get hurt. Make sure you’re kind and patient toward other pilgrims as it’s also a part of Hajj.

Focus on Dhikr:

Dikhr and dua helps in concentrating. Pay maximum attention to Dhikr if you ever get distracted.

Expect hardships:

Performing Hajj is difficult and you may come across many hardships. Don’t lose temper and thank Allah SWT for this amazing opportunity.

Help if asked:

Don’t pry in to someone else’s issues unless they ask you for help.

If you are financially well off then you must contribute to sponsored hajj packages. This is a great way to help people who can’t go on Hajj due to financial constraints. There are various companies that offer like which offer splendid low cost hajj packages; you can easily find them on internet.

Pre-preparation for Hajj 2019

The decision of travelling for Hajj involves many steps. It starts with picking a hajj package and arranging your travel and stay beforehand. It’s essential to pre plan and prepare for Hajj once you’ve attained the visa. These small but important tips are very important to learn for all pilgrims.

• Make a proper routine for exercising. Regular walking is considered ideal for building your stamina and increases endurance to perform rituals of Hajj.

• Study books to gain knowledge about Hajj. • Learn all necessary supplications.

• Make a resolution to bring permanent positive changes in your life after Hajj

. • Do pray for comfort and ease during Hajj. Also pray for Hajj mabroor. (Accepted Hajj)

• Make a list of important prayers and rituals that you’ll be performing each day.

Here are some important tips for the women pilgrims:

• Get abayas that have pockets (to keep cash or other items)

. • It’s not always feasible to run for ablution; therefore carry a small spray bottle to perform ablution or some sand for doing tayammum. Also keep a small Quran with translation.

• Note down contact details of your group members in a diary.

The government of Saudi Arabia makes arrangements for pilgrims to stay in Hajj camps. It’s only fair to abide by their rules and behave civil as a return.