Here are just a few ways to buy something you can’t afford.

Many want to know how to pay for something you can’t afford to pay for in cash right now, here’s how:

Yard sale

Selling unwanted goods or items sitting in your garage for a while is one good way to make extra cash.

Fashioned Lay-bay

You go to a store, collect your intended gifts,  go to a special Layaway counter, put down a deposit of at least $20 or 20% (whichever is more), and make additional payments whenever you’re in the store.

Point-of-Sale Financing

You get the item now and pay over time. Essentially, you’re taking out an instant personal short-term loan that is tied to the purchase of a specific items.

Credit Cards

Like point-of-sale apps, credit cards allow you to get an item upfront while you pay the costs over time.

Save up some cash

The most basic and traditional way is to open a savings account

Get as a gift

Get someone else to buy it. Birthday’s and Christmas time is a great way to let the family or friends know what it is you really want. Make use of the opportunity to get the things you can’t afford to buy yourself around your birthday and Christmas time .