Here are some useful tips for first time moms.

1.New moms who are looking to get ready in a jiffy can use hair extensions to add volume and fullness to their hair. Shortly after giving birth, women tend to suffer from hair loss. 

  • Plan ahead– get things ready the night before. Pack baby’s bag, take out cloths, shoes, take a shower and even pack lunch.
  • Prioritize– put on some make up. Take some time to at least put some makeup on and never go out in pajamas. Because if you do, it’s downhill from there. You’ll start to think it’s acceptable.
  • Keep it simple- let you hair down. Either cut your hair way short or keep it long enough for a ponytail and wear dresses, it helps that you don’t have to match it with pants.
  • Take it on the road-feed baby in the car. Keep all your important things (like lip gloss and a comb) in your handbag for easy access later.
  • Rethink things – Try not to forget things before you leave the house.Try using 2 in 1 shampoo so you have more time to do things.
  • Involve your kids – let the older kids watch the little one while taking bath,shower or even help feed baby will help you get some free time.
  • Take shortcuts– do everything in the shower, shave, brush your teeth, take the older kids in the shower with you, have breakfast in the car and use the shortest route to anywhere you going.
  • Get help- ask grandparents or aunties or uncle to help with baby or clean and even cook dinner.
  • Don’t worry- don’t get all worked up for everything , just take a deep breath and work though whatever it is slowly but steadily.