More than 20 000 runners are expected to take part in the 10km SPAR Women’s Challenge and the 5km Fun Run.  The SPAR Women’s 10km Challenge at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town Started
7am and the 10km Walk 15 minutes later, with the Fun Run that started at 7:40 on Sunday, May 26.

Nedbank Running Club manager Nick Bester has confirmed that Namibian runner Helalia Johannes, who won the Port Elizabeth Challenge earlier this month, will be running in Cape Town, as will Tadu Teshome Nare of Ethiopia, who came second in Port Elizabeth.

Helalia Johannes from Nedbank RC still in the lead passed the 7km mark and it looks very convincing that she might take this one all the way.

After a phenomenal race this morning, Namibian runner, Helalia Johannes bags another WIN in Cape Town.

Spar Women’s Cape Town 10km result by gender. See below.

Main picture on Twitter.