If the lockdown ends on April 30, on May 6 it could be back in school for matriculants and grade seven pupils, other grades to be phased in.

TimesLive reports that this is according to the department of basic education’s draft proposal, which it has seen.

Grades 12 and seven pupils will be the first to return to school on May 6 if President Cyril Ramaphosa lifts the lockdown on 30 April, according to a draft proposal seen by TimesLIVE.

This is according to proposals contained in the department of basic education’s ”draft post-Covid-19 lockdown recovery plan” which was discussed with teacher unions and governing body associations on Wednesday.

According to the document, two grades will be phased in at a time, starting from May 6.

These are the tentative dates for pupils to return to school: 

* Grades 12 and 7: May 6;

* Grades 11 and 6: May 20;

* Grades 10 and 5: June 3;

*Grades 9 and 4: June 17;

*Grades 8 and 3: July 1;

*Grades 2 and 1: July 8; and 

*Grade R: July 15.

The recovery document stated that the phased-in approach ”will be closely managed and monitored” and that the next two grades brought in would be determined on how the school manages the number of pupils, the space and the hygienic requirements.

But it stated that schooling will only resume after the department of health has given the authorisation to resume schooling.

”Given the high risk associated with large gatherings, the DBE is considering a phased-in approach. The most critical grades will be brought in first to start the primary and secondary schools, while the remaining learners are retained at home, and they are brought in on an incremental basis,” the document stated.