The first step to saving money is to figure out how much you spend. Make a budget then plan on saving money.

Picture by: SA African Entertainment

Here we mention just a few ways you can save your money big time:

Say bye to expensive bank charges: 

This is a super simple way to immediately save. Check what you’re paying in monthly bank fees and investigate whether you are on the right account option. Do you make use of all the benefits offered on that option? If not, change to a more affordable account option and save on banking fees.

Do Carpool: 

It’s been said time and again, but few of us have actually got around to consistently carpooling with friends or colleagues. Now’s a great time to gather a carpool crew to share the cost of fuel, other solutions to cut down on “petrol poverty” include working from home and virtual meetings via platforms such as Skype.

Get smart with your geyser:

Your Geyser uses an astonishing amount of electricity each month. So lower the thermostat on your geyser to cut down on costs (not lower than 60°C for health reasons).

Have garage sale:

Go through your home and find all the furniture and items that no longer bring you joy. Tha have a mini garage sale or sell the items online.

Negotiate cash discounts:

Never be afraid to negotiate. A little-known fact is that most doctors and dentists are willing to give significant discounts if you can pay in cash, for example

Have eat in’s

Have “one favourite dish” potluck meals with loved ones. Ask everyone to bring a favourite dish to share. If you end up with three puddings and one starter, that’s just a delicious advantage. On the topic of eating in, planning more vegetarian meals is a great way to save.

Get serious about data:

Install a data manager app. Turn off all automatic app updates on your phone to consume less data. South Africa still has some of the world’s highest data fees, so this is an essential one to consider.

If it’s broken, fix it:

We often just throw things out when they break because of the effort and time involved in fixing them. Next time try to fix something. Even something as simple as a pair of shoes – resole well-loved boots, for example, rather than getting a new pair.