If you’ve got children, there’s no way around it. At some point, you are going to have to host a kid’s sleepover. Does the thought terrify you?

Here are some ideas that may help with hosting your first kid’s sleepover.

Traditionally, a sleepover was held in your child’s own bedroom,but its likely that the bedroom will be way too small for the number of guests invited.More the part to a bigger space,eg. your living room.

Work With A Plan

Just as you plan the sleepover invitations, and the menu. Plan ahead to clear out your living room or the space the children will be using. and remember its not your party its your kid’s so don’t do all the work yourself. The party host should definitely be helping!

Moving Furniture

While moving the small items of the wall and shelves, get some help from threhost to help move the furniture. Some items may need to be moved to another room, or the garage, while others can be pushed back against the wall.

Choose A Theme

Now that the Furniture is moved and sorted, you’re ready to give the room a good clean and prepare it for the party. Choose a theme then decorate accordingly.

Food And Snack

Think easy finger food. Bite-sized savories and biscuits, mini hot dogs, mini quiches and pizzas, cupcakes and, no doubt, ice cream.

While you’re busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm, the young party host can scour the house for sleeping bags, mattresses, duvets, cushions and pillows, and set up the sleeping arrangements.

Let The Party Begin

Finally, it’s a good idea to organize a few activities to get the night started. After that, it’s up to them!