You now have time to do those smaller jobs you’ve been meaning to do at home during coronavirus lockdown. And with it comes the chance to style your home, beautifully. It doesn’t have to be a major renovation, even a minor change can make a really big difference. Use this time to clean clutter or just give your house a refreshing lift , one room at a time.

Sort out your filing cabinet

While most bills and documents are paperless these days, there are still some important records that need filing away.

Give that messy pile of unopened post a good clear out.

Update a small study or guest room

Small rooms need some thought in terms of how to fully maximize their potential, and the right window dressing can have a big impact on how the room looks and feels.

Do some gardening

The jobs you can do in the garden are endless.

From pruning plants to mowing the lawn, you could even create a vegetable patch. It’s a great way to get the children involved and educate them on where food comes from.

Clean the oven

It’s the job we all hate, but eventually needs to be done. Using the right oven cleaner can make the jobs a lot easier.

Put on those rubber gloves and get cracking.

Add a layer of security

Use Plantation Security Shutters to secure an internal doorway between your living and sleeping quarters – it’s a stylish alternative for adding an extra layer of security at night. Plantation Security Shutters allow for a window or door to be left open with complete peace of mind, so consider them for windows that you would like to leave open, e.g. kitchen or bathroom windows.

Do a wardrobe clear out

While the charity shops are closed for the time being, that doesn’t stop you from having a clear out ready for when they reopen.


Finally, let’s round off with something therapeutic.

Read your Bible: Meditation can help reduce stress, control anxiety and promote health and well-being – important more than ever right now.