South African Nadia Nakai recently visited Nigeria and says she felt safe despite South Afria’s xenophobic attacks.

Despite hundreds of foreign-owned shops and businesses ransacked by looters in Johannesburg CBD and the protests that happened in Pretoria CBD last week, when taxi drivers took to the streets in reaction to the news of the death of a fellow driver who was allegedly killed by Nigerian drug dealers.

SA’s female rapper Nadia was recently in Nigeria and said she hasn’t felt unsafe or unwelcome while in Nigeria.

The rapper took to social media to partake in the say not to
xenophobic attacks.

she captioned on of her post: I was in Ojuelegba just yesterday and never did I feel unsafe or not welcome… they knew I was South African! IT should never be okay to attack and hurt innocent people because A criminal came from their country!

She posted this picture below saying : one Africa…🇿🇦x🇳🇬.