Here we share just a few of the many method to help your 1-year-old baby sleep through.

When it comes to sleep training your little one, the options are endless – and confusing.Try these gentle method and break it down to make it easier for you and your partner.

The first thing to getting your child over one year to sleep well and through the night is to teach him how to self-soothe back to sleep when he wakes up. But doing this takes lots of patience, as you have to basically change his associations with sleep. For example, he may be used to feeding just before bedtime, or he may be used to getting rocked to sleep. Here’s how you can get your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep on his own:

Power of bedtime routine.

Studies show that the more nights during the week your baby follows a routine, the better he will sleep. Try an evening bath to mark the end of the day even if you don’t use soap,a few lavender baby bath drops will help calm baby and the warm water can induce drowsiness.

Get him to sleep without feeding

If your one year old is used to being put to sleep with a feed or by rocking, your goal is to get him to go down without these props. This means putting him to bed while he is still awake so that he learns to fall asleep by himself.

Change your feeding habit`

The easiest way to break the association with feeding and sleep is to feed baby in another area of the house like the lounge or tv room before bedtime.

Get dad to help

Once he fed and feeling full, dad can help you out by putting her to bed to further break any sleep associations she has. Dad can still rock her to sleep at this stage to help her get to sleep. Once he fed and feeling full,ask your partner to assist you by putting baby to sleep, this will help break away from the norm association, At this stage daddy can still rock him to sleep it will help baby fall asleep easier.

Then stop the rocking

The next stage is to interrupt the association between rocking and sleeping. to start out doing this you’ll rock your baby till he’s drowsy however not asleep yet and place him in his bed during this state. bit by bit slow down the amount of your time spent rocking till you don’t have to rock him anymore.

Stay calm- night time walking

Once you have reached this stage, it is time to tackle those night-time wakings. once your baby wakes up during the night, he will look for you. You will have to work though him walking throughout the night, don’t pick him up to assuage him, simply rub his back gently. Don’t switch a light on either as this may wake him up completely. Your baby will eventually learn to soothe himself back to sleep.

Make bedtime enjoyable, add positive activities like stories and songs, with the last part taking place where baby has to sleeps.