With the stress of matric exams around the corner, everything can become overwhelming for some students, from concentrating on studying, their social lives to the big question most students are faced with every year. What to do with your life after grade 12.

If you have made it this far it is only a few more weeks until you have written the last exam of your high school year.

With these easy tips on how to manage your time and deal with exam stress, you can rest assured that the stress load will be much less.

Time yourself

Startwith 10 minutes at a time. Choose a subject and hide all distractions from yourself, especially your smart phone (one of the most distracting items while studying) Take sub sections instead of chapters at a time and commit 100 percent to give your all. You might find that 10 minutes turn into 30 or 60 minutes.

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It’s important to remember you’re not alone during exam time.you can team up with motivated classmates to study together. This way you will have the moral support of a group of people working towards the same goal as you, thereby reducing stress for all of you while useing your textbooks.

Google it

When your written notes just don’t cut it and you need a bit more explanation to make concepts come to life, don’t fret. YouTube continues to have a repository of content generated by tutors, teachers and students. 

Eat healthy and exercise

Eating healthy and feeling good always reduces those stress levels. Eat cereal or muesli for breakfast and fruits, lots of fruits. Drink a lot of water and stay away from caffeine such as Red Bull, coffee.

Get some exercise,do some stretch exercises or walk around the house for 5 minutes. Get that brain active and your blood flowing.

Get enough sleep

The most important thing is to remember to schedule time for sleep. Don’t use your smartphone in bed. Electronic devices emit noise and light; both will stop you from sleeping.