K Naomi recently tweeted about her hate for bipolar people, this didn’t sit well with some social media fans and followers.

Lot of fans and followers were astonished and disappointed at her tweet, while some assumed she lacked an understanding of the word bipolar.


One follower even went as far as to encourage others to unfollow the Tv personality, his tweet reads: “Dear people following K Naomi

Could you please unfollow her due to this cold remark she made about bipolar people. She doesn’t deserve so much influence (many followers) if she doesn’t know how to use it. She was ignorant and insensitive, Can we please cancel her”

K Naomi share a few post on June 19th to apologies to everyone for her choice of words. “Apologies to everyone about my previous post. My intention wasn’t to offend anyone…I should have used different wording. “

And went on to say

“I was just trying to say that I’m tired of people who always switch up. It’s either we vibe or we don’t…Apologies”

She aslo tweeted : “I am totally aware and know where I was wrong. This is a lesson for me to think before I tweet and to never tweet when I’m angry Apologies again”

Maybe K Naomi really learnt her lesson for using the wrong choice of words, we will have to see in the long run.

Main picture screen shot/ K Naomi Noinyane/ Instagram.