Easy Flow Gutters recommends you to first wash it with a degreaser before painting a corrugated iron roof or metal roof. if a metal roof or corrugated iron roof is younger than one year it would have to degreased. If the metal roof is older than a year, what happens is that the oil, present on the metal or iron sheets due to its manufacturing process, has worn away and the iron or metal has been slightly etched through weathering. Therefore it does not need to be degreased.

Once the roof is cleaned and degreased, the next task will be to prime the unpainted iron or metal with a quality primer.

Apply at least two coats of paint onto the metal roof or corrugated iron roof, if necessary, apply a third coat of paint. Use the desired colour for the roof, most home owners uses a colour that goes well with the colour or stucture of their house. Remember, painting the metal roof with a dark colour will absorb heat from the sun and lighter colours will reflect the heat.

You can apply the paint manually with a hand brush or roller or spray it on using the airless spray painting technique. Roof painting by brush is time consuming while airless spray painting is expensive. If you decide to paint the corrugated iron or metal roof using the airless spray painting technique you first need to spray a section that is a metre wide and then work your way down the sheet and spray in the direction of the flutes in the iron or metal.

Tip: When doing your roof painting this way is that you can use the joins in the iron as a guide, so that you know exactly where you are in painting the whole roof evenly.

As soon as you have painted all the way down to the end of a corrugated iron or metal roof sheet and have completed that section, move back to the top of the roof and paint the next sheet of iron or metal using exactly the same method. Make sure during your roof painting process to keep a wet edge at all times so that you go back to the top of the roof before it starts to dry to find your mark to start painting the next section. If you decide to work back up from the bottom to the top of the metal or corrugated iron roof, the top part could have tacked off when you return to the top of that section.