Summer is fast approaching and many people work from the comfort of the own home. Setting up a comfortable home office is the key to staying productive. The following are some of the things you can do to keep your home office cool and comfortable during the hotter months of the year.

1. Closing the Blinds is One of the Best Ways to Cool a Room

Having direct sunlight entering your home office can make temperatures rise. Closing these blinds is a great way to limit the amount of direct sunlight coming into the room.

2. Keep Air Circulating with a Ceiling Fan

Are you tired of your home office feeling like a sauna in the summer months? it may be time to install a new ceiling fan. Not only will a ceiling fan add more appeal to your home office, but it can also keep cool air circulating.

3. Open Up the Windows in the Evening Hours

Another way to get a blast of cool air into your home office is by opening your windows in the evening and at night. Instead of running your HVAC system morning, noon and night during the summer months, you need to find a way to conserve resources.

Simply opening the windows in your office can help with air circulation and will also bring the internal temperature of this room down significantly.

4. Create Your Own Personal Air Conditioner

If your home office does not have an air conditioner system, you can always create your own. Creating this personal air conditioner will require you to get a bowl of ice and a desk fan.

Blowing the air from the fan over the bowl of ice will give you the cool air you crave. All you have to do to replenish your homemade air conditioner is to get a fresh bowl of ice.

5. Turn Off Objects that Produce Heat

Most people fail to realize just how much heat overhead lights and unused electronics can generate. Instead of leaving these items on when they are not needed, turn them off and cool down your home office ,this will also helps you conserve energy as well.