There are seven dimensions of wellness. Most people associate wellness with physical and mental wellbeing, some corporate and workplace wellness programs tend to focus mostly on physical and mental health. Here are the 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Social Wellness

Social wellness- is the ability to relate and connect with other people, at work, at home, in our neighborhoods.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness- commonly referred to as mental wellness. Emotional wellness is our own ability to understand and accept ourselves and successfully cope and deal with the challenges and obstacles life and work bring. Emotional wellness is being able to identify how you’re feeling and why; it’s about acknowledging and effectively channeling anger, fear, sadness, stress, hope, love, happiness, frustration.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness- is our ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives and to be fulfilled by what we do by aligning our values with our actions.

Environmental wellness

Environmental wellness- is being aware of nature, our environment, and our immediate surroundings. It is about protecting the environment and protecting ourselves from environmental hazards. This requires that people think of air, water, and land quality and take the necessary steps to protect it.

Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness- refers to our ability to feel fulfilled with our jobs and chosen career paths, without sacrificing work-life balance; it’s about being involved in work activities that allow you to show your talents and skill set.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness- . is about our ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can benefit our personal and professional lives. Intellectually well individuals have a desire to learn and apply new concepts, improve their existing skill sets, and seek new challenges.

Physical wellness

Physical wellness- is about taking proper care of our bodies so that our bodies can function properly and optimally. Physical wellness encompasses various elements, like activity and nutrition. Physical wellness is about being able to complete daily activities without extreme fatigue or physical stress and avoiding destructive habits (sedentary behavior, drugs, alcohol, tobacco