Parents want to keep up with the seasonal trends not just for themselves but also for their tiny tots. We are already in the first month of January. And with a new year comes new trends. Therefore, to dress up your kids perfectly, you need to know all about the kids’ fashion trends 2020.

Here is a list of some latest trends in kids’ fashion. Make sure to update your little one’s wardrobe as per the same. Have a look:

1. Asymmetric Hems

The last year has seen a diversity of sleeve patterns in baby clothes. Be it cold shoulders or bell sleeves, you may have seen all in online kids’ clothing stores. While these kids’ fashion trends are still prevalent, asymmetric hems are something that you may experience a lot this year. 

Be it frocks or gowns; uneven hems give a trendy touch to every outfit. A high low party wear dress is a perfect example of this. Further, you can even see this style in kids’ jeans these days. Therefore, make sure to incorporate some similar outfit options in your baby girls’ wardrobe.

Furthermore, this trend is apt for little boys, as well. You can readily find clothes in such a pattern. Also, this trend is more prevalent in ethnic wear for boys. Kurtas, with such a hemline, is sure to make your boy look like a rockstar.

2. Animal Prints

Animal print on clothes is among the few kids fashion trends that have been going on since forever. Therefore, you can get outfits in such a pattern for your tiny tots. Further, instead of going for the regular leopard prints, you can choose various other prints, as well.

Our suggestion is a baby romper with a cow-print on it. Further, such prints are more suitable for winter wear for kids. And you can get plenty of them online. However, make sure to cross-examine the fabric carefully. Make sure that it does not harm your little ones delicate and soft skin.

3. Unicorn Dresses

Unicorn dresses are among those kids’ fashion trends that are basically for little girls only. Also, it is a really innovative and cute trend. And girls wearing such dresses look adorable, as well.

Earlier, this pattern usually had a multi-colored skirt. It teaming was typically done with a white tee. Also, there were some kids’ accessories. This style was undoubtedly amazing. However, you can even find such dresses in simple colors too.

Our suggestion is a pink dress with a bit of white and a unicorn-print on it. Therefore, you can get such party outfits for baby girls quickly. Thus, you need to add it to your baby’s clothing collection.

4. Three-Piece Sets

Gone are the days when playing dress-up was just for little girls only. Little boys these days are equally keen on dressing up. Therefore, you need to know about kids’ fashion trends for your little rockstar, as well.

You can readily find boys party outfits on numerous kids fashion stores online. A three-piece set can be an ideal choice for your boy. This is because you can get it both in casual wear for boys and as a formal alternative too. Thus, choose whatever your prince likes and update his wardrobe as soon as you can.

5. Embroidered Styles

Embroidered styles never go out of trend. Further, there are a plethora of embroideries that you can find in kids’ clothing. Also, it may be all over the outfit or just on some part of it. Therefore, this is one of those kids’ fashion trends that your kid must-have.

It is sure to come handy, especially for a party or a wedding. Further, you can find this style both in western and traditional clothing for kids. Make sure to add some of these pieces to your kids’ party dresses collection.

6. Princess Gowns

We are confident that your baby girl must be a fan of Disney princesses and other such characters. Be it Cinderella, Snow White, or Elsa; you can get their party-wear gowns quickly. Also, there are various gown types that are sure to look amazing on your princess. Therefore, kids fashion trends like these are a must-buy for your little girl.

7. Fictional Character Themed

Just like your baby girl loves Disney princess, you cannot ignore the love of your little prince for fictional superheroes. Kids fashion trends these days have such outfits in store too. Therefore, make sure that you get your boy his favorite superhero costume.

8. Sequined Dresses

Sequins, also, are some rare kids fashion trends that look exquisite. Therefore, getting your girl some baby girl clothing with this style is an excellent idea. Further, this can be in numerous styles and types. However, make sure that the dress has soft lining beneath it. This is to prevent the skin of your baby girl from charring.

9. Suspender Pants

This is among other kids’ fashion trends for boys that look amazing. Therefore, you can buy it for your little munchkin. Further, such styles are even available as rompers for newborns and kids. You can get them, as well.

10. Customized Dresses

Customized dresses are fashionable among all the kids’ fashion trends. Be it first birthday dresses or theme dresses; you can get all. Therefore, make sure to get one for your baby’s next special occasion, as well.

These are some of the best kids fashion trends that you can follow for your tiny tots in 2020.