We all know leaving your warm cosy home, to jet off to gym takes alot of willpower, well these days even getting off the couch to put on workout clothes in the winter is something we all generally think twice about.

13 Ways to Exercise in the Winter

It can be hard to stay active in the winter, especially when it’s cold and wet outside.It is extra important to stay active in the winter doing so control your weight, maintain physical strength and also improve your mental health and boost your confidence level

Here’s a few ways to stay active in the winter.


Look for a gym with an indoor swimming pool, heated pool in the middle of winter is the best! And it’s a complete body workout.

Workout at home

You don’t need a whole bunch of equipment or a gym to get a good workout. Squids, lunges, sit-ups push-ups and jumping jacks doesn’t need equipment so get yourself a 20 minute routine and get active at home.

Play some music and dance

This is fun exercise for the family. Play some dance music and just dance it gets your blood flowing and get your heart rate way up if you do a bunch of songs in a row.

Use an activity tracker

Just having a device that monitors your movement can get you motivated to do something.

Since most South Africans now a days sits all day for there job, investing in an activity tracker that will vibrate if you’ve been sitting to long without getting up to stretch and take a break, might get you moving a little bit more during the day.

Stretch in the morning and evening

Try to incorporate a few minutes of stretching into your morning and evening routines. This will allow your muscles to be relaxed and feel better in the cold wet weather outside and also rest better at night.

Join the gym

One option is to join a gym. If it’s convenient and it’s a bonus points for you if the gym has a pool.

There’s loads more activities that you can do to stay active at home and inside in winter that doesn’t involve you getting wet or cold but fyi the cold is somewhat good for you too.