It is very important to ensure your child attends the best school available to them if you consider the amount of time they will be spending there.

Here are some tips on things you should consider when starting to look for a good school.

Go to the schools

You need to decide whether you want to send your child to a private or public school and ensure that you know what this will mean for your child education. Then go to a school of your choice. Make sure you ask questions so you can know the school a bit more and take everything in while you there.

Check if there are extramural activities

It can be very helpful if a school offers extramural activities and sport at the school and your child does not need to be collected and dropped off by you or pre-arranged transport every week. Make sure you consider the extra planning that might be required if a school does not offer specific sport you want your child to enrol in.

Chat to students and parents

Take some time to chat to current students and their parents. You will learn the pros and also the cons about the school.

School fees

Being well prepared for the amount you will need to pay every month – not only for school fees, but also for school uniforms and possible registration fees or a deposit before your child starts attending the school.

Its up to you-choose a school

When you’ve look at all the schools, you need to choose one that will be the best for your own child. Your child will be attending the school for many years, so they need to be happy and comfortable at the school they attend every day.

Apply early enough

Be sure to look into when registrations open and when they close. Prepare and get your child’s registration forms in as soon as you can as you do not want to be disappointed and turned away due to there not being any space in the classes.