Not all the solutions need to be complex and costly when it comes to keeping the bedroom warm. So here are simple tips for keeping your bedroom warm for little or no extra cost.

Use The Right Winter Textiles

Blankets, rugs, throws and curtains all insulate a room for a cozier and warmer space. Here are some ideas on how to use the right winter textiles to make your home warmer this winter:

  • Put a small runner next to your bed.
  • For a large area us rug will keep you (and your feet) away from the cold floor.
  • Swap your sateen or percale sheets for flannel or microfiber. They’ll feel warmer to the touch and insulate better.
  • A down (or down alternative) comforter will hold your body heat in best.
  • Hang heavier insulating curtains to keep warm air in.

Close Up Draft Areas

Doors, windows and cracks can leak cold air into your bedroom. To keep your room as warm as possible, you’ll need to isolate the gaps that let the cold air in. Here’s how to find the drafts and fix them, stat:

Commonly drafty culprits are windows, doors and wiring holes. Start there.

Move your bed away from the window, this will keep drafts away while you sleep.

Heating Your Bedroom

The secret to the warmest, coziest and most cost-efficient heating is to place your heating ducts or radiators so the heat can flow freely in a room.

If you get very cold, consider an electric mattress pad, which warms up your whole bed from underneath the sheets.