The 1st Augus is national respect your parents day

On August 1, Respect for Parents Day is recognized for the leadership roles parents play in thier children’s lives and also in our communities. 

Our parents provide us, children with the first expression of love and sense of security. As our protectors and nurturers, our elders set a foundation for leading and teaching us children to be responsible. Every parent provides a different form of communication and the simplest way of making decisions and correcting mistakes.

A parent’s role in the community is essential, too.

In an effort to “make our families become united and strong by recognizing the leadership roles parents have, and to reinstate the respect for parents that was evident in the past,” Respect for Parents Day was born.   These are the words of Marilyn Dalrymple from Lancaster, CA as she created Respect for Parents Day which is celebrated annually on August 1st.

This day was created as a reminder that parents deserve and require respect and for all to consider the value that parents have in society. This isn’t limited to children only. Those who hold power over families must likewise respect the parent.

Make your parents feel special on August 1st

Make sure you are respectful to your parents.Buy them flowers do something meaning full to them, even if it is doing the dishes or taking out the trash you don’t like to do. Post on social media using #RespectForParentsDay and encourage others to join in.


Marilyn Dalrymple from Lancaster, CA created Respect For Parents Day which is celebrated annually on August 1st.   You can sign the proclamation written by Mrs. Dalrymple at Respect for Parents Day.

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