Winter is here, and you should remain a “law-abiding” man in matters fashion. Here are fatal fashion crimes all men should avoid this winter.

Styling Crimes Every Man Should Shun this Winter

Winter is here, and dressing is one of the things you need to pay special attention not just to look great, but also to function freely and effectively. That is why our fashion pundits at college admission essay editing servicehave compiled these tips to help you remain fashionable this winter. To all our men, remain with us up to the end to learn more about the fashion crimes you should avoid this winter.

Inappropriate Footwear

A man is his shoes just as a woman is her hair. One of the areas you need to take care of to avoid making fashion blunders this winter is your footwear. You should avoid wearing the wrong shoes that will not survive the harsh weather conditions of this season. It is great to avoid all footwear that is not remotely waterproof.

Untamed Beards

You don’t need to be an easterner from the Middle East to know your beard is more than just hair. To a real man, your beard is to you what hair is to a woman. It is the symbol of your masculinity and male authority that distinguishes you from the daughters of Eve the same way night differs from day. Therefore, avoid the mistake of leaving your beards untamed or unkempt just because it is winter. During this cold season, trim your beard at least once every two or three weeks. If you don’t have enough time to do it, then give your barber an opportunity to earn his living by visiting him regularly.

Shoes Without Socks

Wearing shoes without socks is one of the most common fashion crimes men commit round the year. However, it becomes more serious and inexcusable when you commit it during such a chilling season like winter. By forgetting or ignoring to wear your pair of socks, you only make your feet colder and sweaty. Besides, you will become an object of resistance since your stinking feet will make everyone endure hanging around you.

Fingerless Gloves

Photo by Jake Young on Unsplash

Gloves are great accessories during this cold season. But it is a fashion crime to wear fingerless gloves since it is just as good as not wearing them at all. Besides, they look ugly on you and expose your fingers to the grinding cold of winter. When you decide to wear gloves, make sure they have fingers and their color matches your outfit. Also, consider the kind and quality of materials they are fabricated with to give you comfort and help you to make an audible fashion statement. 

Poor Layering

Poor layering is the last crime we shall look at. You should avoid layering just to keep warm. Therefore, it is prudent to avoid clashing colors and strange textures that don’t blend harmoniously.You now know the fashion crimes you need to avoid during this winter. We hope you are now better placed to do the right thing to ensure that your styling this season is fashionable and conducive for your daily operations in life.