As women, our body types on a daily basis are categorized as rectangle, pear, apple, hourglass, top hourglass, bottom hourglass, oval, diamond. And these are just a few names for our body types that we know or hear on a daily basis. However, in more recent years, there has been a shift from this outdated look and it is apparent now more than ever that the shape or size of your body does not define what you are limited to wearing. Thankfully, swimwear is also evolving and now provides a wider variety in choice of swimsuits that focus more on embracing what makes each body unique and beautiful, whilst emphasizing comfort and confidence. 

When it comes to shopping, there are only a few things that give women more anxiety than buying a swimsuit. From sifting through the endless choices and styles, and actually finding one to wear, the entire process can prove to be quite stressful for women. Finding one that is designed perfectly for your figure and one that accentuates your best attributes will help go a long way in quieting that anxiety.

Lily Label is one of the leading brands in the evolution of swimsuit designs and is a brand that empowers all women to feel sexy and supported in their swimsuits. As a small, female-owned business, Lily Label swimsuits offer a sense of individuality through unique styles that have been locally crafted by a combination of hand and machine work. Lily designs enhance your favourite assets and celebrate the beauty of each woman’s shape and curves. 

About Lily Label Lily Label is a proudly South African and sustainable swimsuit line offering designs that are romantic, artistic, luxurious and feminine- perfect for the modern woman. Each swimsuit is designed for perfection, after months of meticulous planning, in view of the ocean in Cape Town, South Africa. With an acute attention to detail and flawless finishings that offer features such as high shaping power and long-lasting quality. Lily Label offers luxurious swimwear made with the greatest amount of attention to detail and with a variety of designs and colours to choose from. From bikinis, microkinis, bandeaus and one-pieces, you are guaranteed to find a flattering style that shows off your most loved assets.