Pearl Thusi asked Mzansi, Udliwa yini? but this question,in Zulu translates, whats eating you, sparked some originality question about her tweet.

Some twitter uses even suggested that she could at least acknowledge the original tweet before putting her own style to it.

Presenter Pearl probably had good intention when asking social media follows to open up to her, its a fact that the new South Africa we live in today has many difficult situations happening right now. From the Chaos happening on N2 as ‘land grabbers’ burned shops and attack vehicles to the shut down of a Constantia man water- selling operation called the
Blue Scorpions .

Pearl Thusi question gave twitter followers the opportunity to get things of their chest when she tweeted Udliwa yini few weeks back but many saw as copy paste question and even pointing out the lack creativity.

The question “Udliwa Yini” is a very common phrase in isiZulu and just because “O Jewa Ke Eng” has gone viral, does this mean Pearl was wrong to put her own spin on it and can’t use it in another language.

Pearl wasn’t too happy about people accusing her of stealing the tweet.