Lerato Kganyago is not afraid to say the things that others fear to say. She is all about open conversation and creating a dialogue over things that others shy away from talking about.

Her most recent ‘uncomfortable’ topic was based around the importance of men prioritising their mental health.

Lerato expressed the importance of mental health to her male followers and reminded them that there is no shame in seeking help if you feel you need it.

Lerato’s post created a debate and platform for people to air their views on the matter. As expected, there were a bunch of mixed opinions.

One tweep that really got under Lerato’s skin when they attacked her accusing her of making it sound like men are “emotional wrecks”
People like this are the reason it is so difficult to discuss relevant but ‘touchy’ topics.

Leroto quickly slapped back putting the hating tweep back into place. He got fact slapped, hard!