J Maphorisa recently announced that he is going back to school

The super successful artist is investing in his education and Mzansi is proud – He is creating a positive example as a role model in Mzansi

DJ Maphorisa is setting those positive role model examples by going back to school to further his studies.

The man is on a mission. Education is a vitally important and it is even more important for our public figures to promote it and set a positive example for the younger generations who look up to them. We’ve learnt that DJ Maphorisa has decided to go back to school this year and invest in his education rather than his car collection.

Despite being insanely successful in his career, DJ Maphorisa knows and values the importance of education.

He took to social media to reveal his news and Mzansi is proud.

The DJ is proud of himself and so is the rest of Mzansi. It is never too late to educate! He is an inspiration.

DJ Maphorisa is not the first super successful Mzansi celeb to go back to school, DJ Black Coffee did too. These celebs are setting a positive example and reminding the world that it is never too late.