Women are encouraging each other through the latest Instagram photo challenge by posting black and white pictures of themselves.

Recently black and white pictures of women empowerment are all over on your social media feeds, caption by #ChallengeAccepted, an empowering message, and a nomination to other women to follow suit.

The challenge originally was a campaign meant to raise cancer awareness in 2016, now used to back the women empowerment movement. Recently, US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confronted sexist comments aimed at her in a video that has now been shared online, causing this challenge to only gain momentum. This challenge is more relevant than ever as it calls for women to support each other, with many adding an inspirational quote, while also nominating other women to follow suit and post their own contribution to the campaign.

Over the years women have been forced to compete against each other, instead of supporting each other and trying to build other women up. #ChallengeAccepted aims to pull away from the negative, stop the comparisons, and instead help women see their own strength while simultaneously lifting up others.

It also played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the current issue of increased gender-based and domestic violence Turkish women face.

Now you know why the #ChallengeAccepted is still trend, but if you need some inspiration before joining the other three-million participants, here are a few celebs who have already posted their own empowering black and white pictures:

Main picture screenshot /Instagram /Shashi Naidoo.