Here We have put together 6 books you need to read this year. Some have been released already and some will hit the shelves during the course of the year – for all you bookworms we know you’ll enjoy these recommended novels.


From the famous Hlomu series, Dudu Busani-Dube was challenged to pen the book adaptation of a film called The Zulu Wedding.The novel, which tells a story of a young lady who’s been promised to the Zulu king in marriage to repay an old ancestral debt, is an Africa-meets-modern-day story. She has been running from this obligation since the death of her parents when she was 15 years old. When she meets her soulmate, she realises she has to return to South Africa to confront her situation. The protagonist tries to get out of the arrangement by confronting the king. if you read the Dudu’s other books, I know you will love this African love story.

Into The Water

From the author Paula Hawkins, comes this electric novel, this terrific thriller is highly suspense-driven as the story begins with the death of a single mother whose body is found in the town’s river. The novel focuses on the 15-year-old daughter who is now left without her mother. Hawkins exhibits her literary genius as she captures the human emotions surrounding eath and deception flawlessly – a must-read for all thrill seeking readers.

Lincoln In The Bardo

Lincoln In The Bardo is the first novel by award-winning writer George Saunders. The novel depicts Abraham Lincoln after the death of hs 11-year-old boy, and the mourning period that he goes through. The story picks up as Lincoln visits the cemetery and is, in turn, visited by ghosts. A truly interesting read for those who are looking for a late night read in bed.

Anything Can Happen

Pulitzer Prize winning author Elizabeth Strout integrates My Name Is Lucy Burton, one of  her earlier works , with a contemporary story. Still focusing on Olive Kitteridge, the story focuses on the complex character’s ideas of love and passion.  A remarkable tale of characters being brought to life through wit, technique and artistic grace by Strout in Anything Can Happen.

A Separation

A deeply profound novel from author, Katie Kitamura, about the difficulties of marriage and the secrets that it contains. This story is about a separation between the two main characters, however during the separation the husband goes missing and cause the protagonist to search for him, in the process, relive the relationship she shared with her soon to be ex-husband. The story encapsulates the feelings of distrust, betrayal and the beginning of the end of love.

All Grown Up

From the best-selling author, Jami Attenberg,comes the
humorous novel All Grown Up, the novel is about a late-thirties single, child-free woman who is living life on her own terms and painfully truthful epiction of a woman who is trying to discover who she is and maintain her identity whilst feeling that she is falling behind in life.