Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Did you know that 5% of our society are LGBT community representatives? Is it a large number? Is 35 millions of people a large number?

Indeed, every 20th person on Earth is open or latent gay, lesbian or a bisexual. So, how do they find each other? And how does the gay dating works in the 21st century?

Some time ago, the only option for sexual minority representative to find a date was to simply guess. It was quite awkward for everybody, especially when the person didn’t guess. Later on, there were some small communities where gay people could meet each other. Also, everybody heard about gay bars and gay pubs.

But the actual revolution became with the first gay dating sites appearance. Let’s check what issues they solved.

Advantages of Gay Dating Sites

First of all, gay people can finally communicate with each other without awkward situations. By this LGBT community can feel more relaxed. Second of all, dating site is a great time saver. Singles can find the right person in couple of clicks. Moreover, modern dating sites provide with a great matching tools based on profiles, success cases and the member’s preferences. Third of all, it is the opportunity for those who fear or hide themselves. As we all know in some families and even entire countries it is not easy to be a gay or lesbian and moreover have same gender relationships.

Why LGBT Dating Sites Skyrocketing?

Obviously, LGBT dating sites become so popular because of above mentioned issues they resolve. Also, more and more gays and lesbians are coming out. So, the audience of their websites are constantly growing.

Furthermore, the society is now highly tolerant. Hence, the self-awareness as a representative of LGBT community is the natural thing.

Above all, the modern gay sites & lesbian dating sites provide great services. These are: – online communication (chat, video, phone); – meetings arrangement; – travel help; – online customer service; – even coaching.

How to choose the right Dating Sites for LGBT

Most tips are similar to any other online dating sites. The website has to be well protected and secured. For European customers it has to be compliant with the recent GDPR. Also the site must be convenient and, preferably, intuitive. Furthermore, it is always better to check dating site reviews before signing up. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to make sure that the site has a free trial or at least an option to create an account for free. This way you can check it from the inside before paying for it. Of course, tools and the services you receive have to meet your expectations. The last but not the least is “pricing”. It has to be affordable. If you feel you pay too much it will influence on your communication and building relationship online.