What you need to know about South Africa before going on holiday.

Diverse landscapes, awe-inspiring scenery and breathtaking experiences all of these descriptions sum up an unforgettable South African holiday. The most popular tourist destination in Africa, South Africa provides both the seasoned traveller and the first time visitor with an abundance of tourist options to experience, enjoy and savour.

Most first-time visitors to South Africa use the Western Cape and Cape Town in particular as an initial travel destination, but the truth is there are a number of various local South African holiday experiences that are offered by this amazing country. This includes

• The natural beauty of the Garden Route on South Africa’s East Coast

• The wild allure of the world famous Kruger National Park in Northern South Africa

• The captivating blend of ethnic African cultures in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg

• Or the historically significant British, Zulu and Boer War battlefields of KwaZulu Natal

South African Holiday Highlights

Holiday Highlights while travelling around South Africa include a number of tourist destinations and local traditions. These also include visiting the beautiful city of Cape Town, with its iconic natural wonder Table Mountain. The Western Cape is well known for its night life and wine industry and it a hotspot of activity all year round.

All around South Africa there are five star game reserves that allow visitors to experience the joys of the African bushveld first hand. This includes visits to malaria free games ranches and reserves in the Eastern Cape that play host to Africa’s legendary big 5 – the Lion, the African Elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the Leopard and the Rhinoceros.

What do I need to know about South Africa?

South Africa covers a vast amount of climatic and geographic areas, so be ready for anything. It is best to wear neutral colours and to have clothing that is easy to layer as parts of the country can be cool in the mornings and extremely warm in the afternoons.

When eating or drinking out in South Africa it is important to note that tipping is a part of the service culture in restaurants and bars. A tip generally consists of 10% – 15% of the total bill amount. Tipping is also expected by hotel porters and private drivers if the service warrants it.

Parts of Northern South Africa are NOT malaria free and therefore anti-malarial medication needs to be taken prior, during and after trips to these areas. Ask your tour operator if you will need to organise the correct anti-malarial medication before you book your trip to South Africa. If you would prefer to visit areas outside of the malaria zone then stick to the Eastern and Western Cape and the Southern parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal.