Oprah Winfrey’s real name is actually “Orpah” because it was spelled wrong on her birth certificate.



Geena Davis almost made the U.S. Olympic archery team in 1999, after taking up the sport only two years prior.

She made it to the semifinals and placed 24th out of 300 women.—a4e75e5402

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Megan Mullally was fired from her role in Finding Nemo for refusing to do her high-pitched Karen Walker voice from Will and Grace.

According to Mullally, the studio originally agreed that she could do whatever voice she wanted for the undisclosed character, but as time went on they kept requesting the one she uses for Will and Grace. She refused, so they fired her.—noradominick

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Betty White is older than sliced bread.

Betty is 97 years old and was born on January 17, 1922. The first time a pre-sliced loaf of bread was sold was over six years later in 1928. I guess the popular phrase should be changed to "that's the best thing since Betty White," not sliced bread.—kwaters2017


Benedict Cumberbatch was abducted and shoved in a trunk by six men with guns while filming a show in South Africa in 2005.



Shirley Temple was such a talented child actor that people were convinced she was actually a dwarf, so the Vatican literally sent someone to investigate.

This rumor was huge in Europe, so the Vatican sent Father Silvio Massante to "verify that she was indeed a child." Wild!—a42a62d840

20th Century Fox / Wikipedia / Creative Commons / en.wikipedia.org

Christopher Walken used to be a lion tamer.


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Martin Luther King Jr, Barbara Walters, and Anne Frank were all born in the same year.

They were all born in 1929.—alicea4bf

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Mark Wahlberg has three nipples.


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 And Harry Styles has four nipples.



Elisabeth Moss grew up in the Church of Scientology and is still a member.

She claims the Church "helped her become who she is today."—noradominick

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Jason Statham was a competitive diver before he became a professional actor.

It's true!—kameonq

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And he almost drowned at the bottom of the Black Sea after a stunt went wrong while filming The Expendables 3.

He was driving a giant truck for a stunt, and the brakes didn't work. He went over the edge of a cliff inside the truck, and water started pouring through the open windows. Luckily he made it out alive.—spenceralthouse


Glenn Close was forced to join a right-wing religious cult by her father when she was a child.

—Cherryll Batty, Facebook

Robin Williams was such a big fan of The Legend of Zelda that he named his daughter Zelda.

—Shannon Antoinette, Facebook

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Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist.



Eartha Kitt had a threesome with James Dean and Paul Newman.


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Steve Buscemi was a firefighter in New York when he was a teenager, and after the attacks on 9/11 he dropped everything to help with the recovery efforts.


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Greta Garbo was Adolf Hitler’s favorite actress. He’d even send her fan mail and try to get her to visit him in Germany.


Wikipedia / Creative Commons / en.wikipedia.org / German Federal Archive / en.wikipedia.org