Prince Kaybee found himself in hot water after he called on fans to save their money and not buy alcohol.

South Africans queued up at liquor stores across the country on Monday, to buy alcohol after a ban on the sale of alcohol was lifted under lockdown level three.

Social media was abuzz with reaction to the lifting of the ban and the award winning producer jumped on his page to encourage his followers to rather save their money. 

“Don’t buy the alcohol, we need every cent,” he wrote on Twitter. 

While some agreed with him, soon his mentions were flooded with Twitter users slamming him and saying they would then save by not buying his music.

The DJ laughed this off.

He went on to explain that he had friends who were borrowing money to go buy alcohol and said people should buy what they can afford and not go into debt to buy alcohol.

“Not trying to sound smart at all, Just my thoughts during the most challenging time in the history of mankind, we (are) better off saving. But if you don’t understand, keep it moving,” he told a fan who criticised him.